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bulletMain ebook titled  "123 Doggie Stories of Inspiration, Laughter & Heart-Felt Memories"

Some of these doggie stories will make you laugh, some will tug at your heart, and some will bring a tear to your eyes.  If you are a dog lover- or have been in the past- you will relate to many of these moving true stories.

This collection of 123 dog stories illustrates the bond, the trust, the unquestioning selfless love, the fierce protection, that for some reason dogs share with us.

All these genuine true stories have been  professionally proof read, edited and put together in ebook format along with the relevant pictures that were sent in.


bulletFREE  Bonus 1; ebook titled " Pet Loss And Grieving Help Guide"

This comprehensive and detailed ebook discusses the loss of a family pet and the effect it can have on the owner and family/friends.

The signs and symptoms of grief are explored  followed by step by step strategies that can be used to help the grieving person  work through this often difficult and painful process.

Don't let yourself or a friend or family member go through loss of a pet without this must have help guide.



bulletFREE  Bonus 2;   Dog  Obedience Training At Home Made Easy - Audio.

 Each year, many dogs are lost or injured due to failure to follow their owner's commands. Some run after other animals and are injured on the road and some others are injured fighting with other animals .

It's vital that every dog learns to respond to their masters commands  quickly to help prevent injury.

In this  high quality  recorded audio, you will hear how a  professional   dog trainer assists dog owners in teaching their dogs to follow simple commands, which is the basis for  "Obedience Training.

You will discover  his proven methods of  "Obedience Training at home".

The audio is over 55 minutes long.  A fully typed transcription of the audio is also provided.


bulletFREE bonus 3;  ebooklet; "Choosing Your Pet's name"

This FREE ebooklet includes almost 2000 male and female pet names.

You will have fun looking through the list and will be sure to find something special to call to suit your "special best friend".


  bullet FREE bonus 4;   "All About Pet Insurance"

 Have you thought about planning for your petís future expenses?

 Unfortunately, many pet owners do not budget for these types of unexpected veterinary treatments.

 No matter what type of pet  you have, you just canít predict the future of your pet. This is how pet insurance may be beneficial.

This free ebooklet explains pet insurance in a clear and logical way , so you care able to decide if it is worthwhile  for you and your pet  or not.


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